The Ultimate AI Prompts Pack for Students - 55 Prompt Essentials

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This is the Ultimate Prompt Engineering Pack for High-Achieving Students.

This pack contains 55 AI prompts specifically made for students, including:

Part1: Reading Texts with AI

βœ… Prompt 1: Summarizing a PDF

βœ… Prompt 2: Paraphrasing a Summary List

βœ… Prompt 3: Checking a PDF’s Suitability for Your Work (Versiono 1)

βœ… Prompt 4: Checking a PDF’s Suitability for Your Work (Version 2)

βœ… Prompt 5: Extracting Key Findings (General)

βœ… Prompt 6: Extracting Key Findings from Specific Sections

βœ… Prompt 7: Extracting the Methodology

βœ… Prompt 8: Extracting the Theoretical Framework

βœ… Prompt 9: Extracting the Ethical Considerations

βœ… Prompt 10: Finding Related Studies from within a Text 28

βœ… Prompt 11: Identifying Weaknesses in a Text

βœ… Prompt 12: Identifying Strengths in a Text

βœ… Prompt 13: Finding Research Gaps in a Text

βœ… Prompt 14: Finding Alternative Approaches to a Text

Part 2: Using AI to Help with Referencing

βœ… Prompt 15: Citing Articles with AI

βœ… Prompt 16: Citing a Google Books Text

βœ… Prompt 17: Extracting the Reference List

Part 3: Finding Scholarly Sources with AI

βœ… Prompt 18: Parsing the Google Scholar Results List

βœ… Prompt 19: Generating a Literature Summary

Part 4: Preparing Essays with AI

βœ… Prompt 20: A Basic 5-Paragraph Essay Plan

βœ… Prompt 21: Argumentative Essay Plan

βœ… Prompt 22: Expository Essay Plan

βœ… Prompt 23: Compare and Contrast Essay Plan

βœ… Prompt 24: Process Essay Plan

βœ… Prompt 25: Reflective Essay Plan

βœ… Prompt 26: Expository Thesis Statement Generation

βœ… Prompt 27: Argumentative Thesis Statement Generation

βœ… Prompt 28: 5-Sentence INTRO Sample

βœ… Prompt 29: 5-Sentence Descriptive Paragraph

βœ… Prompt 30: 5-Sentence Argumentative Paragraph

βœ… Prompt 31: 5-Sentence Analytical Paragraph

βœ… Prompt 32: 5-Sentence Evaluative Paragraph

βœ… Prompt 33: 5-Sentence Compare and Contrast Paragraph

βœ… Prompt 34: 5-Sentence Quote Analysis Paragraph

βœ… Prompt 35: 5-Sentence Conclusion Sample

Part 5: Editing Essays with AI

βœ… Prompt 36: Checking your Essay against your Assignment Brief

βœ… Prompt 37: Asking AI to Spot Blindspots (Basic Method)

βœ… Prompt 38: Asking AI to Spot Blindspots (Advanced Method)

βœ… Prompt 39: Asking for a Spelling and Grammar Check

βœ… Prompt 40: Asking for an Academic Tone Check

Part 6: Brainstorming with AI

βœ… Prompt 41: Getting AI to Create Good Lists

βœ… Prompt 42: Creating a Venn Table

βœ… Prompt 43: Simple Pros and Cons Lists

βœ… Prompt 44: Features-Based Comparison Table

βœ… Prompt 45: Strengths and Weaknesses Lists

βœ… Prompt 46: Extracting Strengths and Weaknesses from a Text

βœ… Prompt 47: Coming up with Limitations of a Concept

βœ… Prompt 48: Coming up with Alternatives

βœ… Prompt 49: Critiquing Concepts

βœ… Prompt 50: Advanced Critique Method with HARPA AI

βœ… Prompt 51: Creating Categories Directly

βœ… Prompt 52: Critical Analysis Plan

Part 7: Studying with AI

βœ… Prompt 53: Generating a Study Plan

βœ… Prompt 54: Generating a Practice Test

βœ… Prompt 55: Asking AI to Test Your Knowledge

Plus, bonus materials:

⚑My 5 AI Commandments

⚑Frequently Asked Questions

⚑Recommended AI Tools

⚑My Guide on How to Engineer High-Quality Prompts

⚑Bonus Worksheet: Reading a Journal Article

⚑Bonus Worksheet: Literature Summary Template

IMPORTANT: These AI Prompts are made to be ethical. I believe AI is an amazing assistant and brainstorming assistant. Together, you and AI can push through brain blocks and find solutions. But consulting AI is all about brainstorming better, not outsourcing the thinking process!


HOW TO USE AI: I am an academic expert in cognitive tools research. The concept of 'Cognitive Tools' emerged in the 1970s to explain how we can use technology to help us think at a higher level and perform higher-order thinking skills.

This concept is often related back to calculators - when the calculator became mainstream, there was moral panic that students wouldn't be able to do math. But over time, we learned that calculators didn't stop us from doing math. They helped us to focus on higher-level math tasks and use calculators as an assistant in that process.

Today, large language AI models like ChatGPT and Claude are doing the same thing. They're helping us to perform at a higher level.

It's all about leveraging AI to learn more efficiently, not to cheat!

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The Ultimate AI Prompts Pack for Students - 55 Prompt Essentials

0 ratings
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