Research Proposal Pack (Primary Research Project)

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Stop Overthinking It. 🧠  Save Time and Stress. ⏰ Start Writing your Research Proposal with this Guided AI-Powered Template! 🚀

A useful default template for an undergraduate, honors, or masters-level research proposal in most social sciences subjects (e.g. Arts, Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Education, Teaching, Nursing, Communications, Archaeology, Geography, History, and more).

This pack contains:

✅ Research Proposal Template (with AI Prompts)
✅ Primary Research Project Timeline (Gantt Chart)

Plus Bonuses:

🎁 +BONUS Research Proposal Flowchart - Two Examples
🎁 +BONUS Literature Review Theme Sorter

These templates are introduced in the YouTube video below.


  • General Draft Only: Check with your teacher or research supervisor about this structure and what sections they may expect to be added or removed based on the conventions in your particular field of study. I recommend bringing your draft to your supervisor for feedback as each institution and even each supervisor will have very particular ideas of what to include/exclude. While this template gets you started, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so you really do need guidance from your supervisor at every step.
  • AI Prompt Warning: The AI Prompts are powerful, but they are provided to help you brainstorm and generate samples only. Never submit AI-generated content for assessment.
  • Citing Academic Sources: You will need to extensively cite academic sources to back up your points made.
  • Theoretical Framework: In the humanities, you may also be expected to have a theoretical framework. This is generally discussed toward the top of the ‘Research Methodology’ section. If you have been told you need to include a theoretical framework, consult your supervisor on how to do this.
  • Secondary Research Projects: If you have chosen to do a secondary research project, use my alternative template for secondary research proposals which I’ve tweaked to be specifically useful in those situations.

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Research Proposal Pack (Primary Research Project)

0 ratings
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